The Loving Touch w/Brand X & Major Dudes (Steely Dan Tribute)

Submitted by district97 on Tue, 02/11/2020 - 15:30
Date:  Wednesday, September 23, 2020 - 19:00
Location:  Ferndale, MI

Brand X originated in England in 1975, and were contemporaries of 70’s fusion jazz stalwarts Weather Report, Mahavishnu Orchestra, and Return to Forever, to name a few. They also became known as “Phil Collins’ Other Band” while he was making the transition in Genesis from drummer to lead vocalist/drummer. Now the original founders of Brand X (Percy Jones/bass & John Goodsall/guitars) are reunited and have been mesmerizing audiences with their live show for the past three years. Rounding out the lineup for their appearance at The Strand: Chris Clark on keyboards and Kenny Grohowski on drums.

Rave reviews in The Huffington Post, Progression Magazine, the New York Times, Innerviews, and more, coupled with jaw-dropping performances headlining ProgStock, RoSfest, Progtoberfest, plus three Cruise To The Edge shows, have led many to claim this is the best Brand X of all time!

District 97, formed in 2006, is undoubtedly the most musically inventive rock band in the world to feature an American Idol Top 10 Female Finalist. The foursome from Chicago had honed a no-holds barred style of eclectic and intricate instrumental rock before deciding the right vocalist was needed to complement their sound: enter 2007 American Idol alum, Leslie Hunt. Leslie’s dynamic performances have pushed the band into a new direction that forged a unique marriage between accessible, catchy vocal melodies and an adventurous instrumental prowess. Their Strand appearance will feature material from their critically acclaimed 2019 release, Screens.

Opening the show, local boys, Major Dudes, bring their Steely Dan-covering renown to the proceedings. One could argue that the music they play is an odd fit for the progressive jazz/rock/metal bent of the other fabulous acts appearing, but you might at least say the classic tunes from Aja, Gaucho, The Royal Scam, and the rest are in the vicinity, approximately related, somewhat adjacent, in the same mid-sized ballpark, and/or under the same very big tent. You might. Oh, by the way, they are winners of the 2019 Detroit Music Award for outstanding tribute band, so there’s that.