Inside the Vault Club Back Issues

Inside the Vault Club Back Issues

Important: Please sign up for the INSIDE THE VAULT CLUB before ordering any back issues. You must be a subscriber in order to gain access. To order back issues, check the boxes by the desired editions. We will email them to you ASAP after checkout. Also, please note that the IVC keyholder 15% discount does not apply to IVC back issues.

IVC #1-To Catch A Predator (Live 2008)-This 10-minute epic instrumental track was the very first music D97 ever wrote and performed. HEAR A SAMPLE

IVC #2-One More Red Nightmare (2016, Live At De Boerderij DVD Outtake) Pro-shot video and audio mixed from the multi-tracks downloads included. SEE A SAMPLE

IVC #3- I Can't Take You WIth Me (2009, Extended Version)-A rough mix of this track which includes additional material that was edited out for the album release.

IVC #4- The Thief (Live 2012)-Audio and Video downloads of a particularly fiery and legnthy live version of The Thief.

IVC #5- The Perfect Young Man (Live with John Wetton 2013)-Mixed from the multitracks, this is the best document we have of our legendary friend John Wetton singing this song.

IVC #6-Forest Fire (Live 2017)-This is a brand new, and thus far unreleased, D97 song. There’s also bonus video and audio featuring this song performed live along with part of Mindscan and Termites. HEAR A SAMPLE

IVC #7- On Paper (Jim Solo Demo 2013)-Hear the origins of On Paper before Jim brought it to D97 in this very intimate demo.

IVC #8-In The Dead Of Night (Live 2017)-Our rarely-performed cover of the UK classic. HEAR A SAMPLE

IVC #9-Sea I Provide (Live 2009)-An unreleased D97 song that we recently resurrected in our live set thanks to the IVC!

IVC #10-New Song Rehearsal Demo (2017, instrumental)-A work in progress that Andrew brought in, and a glimpse at the makings of a future track.

IVC #11-TWO full live versions of Mindscan (from 2008 and 2013). Nearly an hour of music!

IVC # 12- Who Cares? (Rough Mix 2012) This version features additional harmonies and a totally different sound from what made it on Trouble With Machines.

IVC # 13-Shapeshifter (live Audio and Video 2017) Check out a brand new song which was the first the new D97 lineup wrote and performed together.

IVC #14-Quartet for the End of Time (2007 rehearsal audio) and Hybrid Child/Quartet for the End of TIme Medley (Live 2012 audio and video). Hear us tackle the most difficult music in our repetoire (courtesy of French composer Olivier Messiaen) from two different lineups of the band. SEE A SAMPLE

UVC #15-Learn From Danny (Live)-A 2014 live version of this deep cut, mixed from the multi-tracks. HEAR A SAMPLE (available soon)