The District 97 Collection

The District 97 Collection

This package includes most of our mainstream releases:

You'll get these officially released CDs:

-Hybrid Child (Laser's Edge, 2010)

-Trouble With Machines (Laser's Edge, 2012)

-Screens (MindScan Records, 2019)

Note: One More Red Night (2014) and In Vaults (2015) are currently out of print on CD, and thus not included in this package at this time. They can still be downloaded/streamed digitally via most online outlets. 

You'll also get the following bonus releases, exclusive to our website (no artwork/cases included):

-Live at CalProg CD-R (2010)

-Live at Rites of Spring 2CD-R (2011)

-Live at WFPK CD-R and DVD-R Movie (2011)