Daily Herald Interviews Leslie

The local press chimes in; the Daily Herald interviews Leslie here . The Trib interviews Pat and Jonathan here.

New Live Video

Check out this awesome new video: 

ALSO A new interview with Jonathan is up on Bill's Prog Blog. Be sure to check it out HERE!

CalProg 2010 Whittier CA!

We will be participating in CalProg 2010 in Whittier, CA. Saturday Oct. 2nd! More details HERE!

Reviews on Hybrid Child

We're starting to get some nice reviews of "Hybrid Child." Bill Kopp's is here . A Japanese review with humorous translation is here .

Dance of Fury, for the Seven Trumpets Exclusive Download

Download, and then share, our version of Olivier Messiaen's 1941 masterpiece "Dance of Fury, for the Seven Trumpets" exclusively HERE!