Ghost Girl (Official Short Film) is here!

Submitted by district97 on Fri, 10/09/2020 - 20:09

Ghost Girl (Official Short Film) is here!

Ghost Girl is the musical journey of a little girl who longs to fit in. The only problem? She's terrorized by malevolent spirits, and nobody believes her—except for her loving but overbearing mother.

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Ghost Girl by District 97

Composed by Jonathan Schang & Leslie Hunt

Listen now:

District 97
Vocals: Leslie Hunt
Keyboards: Andrew Lawrence
Guitars, Vocals: Jim Tashjian
Bass Guitar: Tim Seisser
Drums & Percussion/Executive Producer: Jonathan Schang

Produced by Zealous Creative

Director: Christopher Kezelos
Producer: Christine Kezelos
Illustrator: Hoa Han
Animation: Monkeyhut VFX
Designer: Brett Bimson

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