Get our new album Screens on the Pre-Screening Tour starting 5/14!

Be the first to get our new album, Screens, exclusively on the Pre-Screening Tour, which kicks off 5/14 near Detroit! See full dates and get tickets HERE. Check out the trailer (footage from the INSIDE THE VAULT CLUB excluive Septennial DVD/HD Download release):

A Double Dose of Live D97, Now Through 3/15!

Septennial: Return To RoSfest (DVD and HD Download), the latest INSIDE THE VAULT CLUB exclusive release, is now here!

District 97 Art Gallery Discount Code

Over the years, we've been lucky enough to have some BEAUTIFUL artwork grace our albums and promotional items, and it's our opinion that they are worthy as standalone pieces of art.

There's Still Time To Be A Part Of Our New Album!

In the little over a week since the Kickstarter ended, we've received several requests from people who still want to be a part of our new album but missed the campaign. We know you're all busy and maybe some of you didn't get a chance to pledge, so we are allowing last-minute pledges through this Friday, June 15th. Simply take a look at the reward options, find the one you like, and then send the funds HERE.

Kickstarter For Fourth Album Live Now Through May 31st!

At last, the time has come for us to make our fourth studio album, and the first with our new lineup. However, we need your help in order for it to happen! Thus, we've launched a KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN featuring some fantastic, exclusive, and often quite limited rewards in the hopes that our amazing fans will partner with us on this endeavor.