Hybrid Child (Laser's Edge, 2010)

Hybrid Child (Laser's Edge, 2010)

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Our debut album, the one that started it all!

You can also download the album in multiple formats (including lossless) at https://lasersedge.bandcamp.com/album/hybrid-child

1.I Don't Wanna Wait Another Day
2.I Can't Take You With Me
3.The Man Who Knows Your Name
5.Mindscan I: Arrival
6.Mindscan II: Entrance
7.Mindscan III: Realization
8.MIndscan IV: Welcome
9.Mindscan V: Examination
10.Mindscan VI: Hybrid Child
11.Mindscan VII: Exploration
12.Mindscan VIII: What Do They Want
13.Mindscan IX: When I Awake
14.Mindscan X: Returning Home