Inside the Vault Club: A Deeper Dive

Inside the Vault Club: A Deeper Dive

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We're thrilled to now be offering an even fuller behind the scenes experience for IVC members. Here you'll find complete shows and more from our archives for download.

Deeper Dive #1-Live at Double Door, Chicago, IL 12/22/2013 AUDIO and VIDEO

Setlist: Snow Country, On Paper, Learn From Danny, The Man Who Knows Your Name, Read Your Mind, Termites, All's Well That Ends Well, The Thief (72 minutes)

Deeper Dive #2-Live at Spirit of 66 10/5/2019 AUDIO and VIDEO

Setlist: The Actual Color, I Can't Take You With Me, Snow Country, Forest Fire, Sheep, Sea I Provide, Bread & Yarn, Trigger, Shapeshifter, Blueprint, Ghost Girl (76 minutes)

Deeper Dive #3-Divided We Fall Demo Collection

Here's an unprecedented look at our creative process. Listen in as a new song progresses from Tim's initial bass demo to versions with the full band:

Recordings (in WAV and MP3): Solo Bass Demo, 11-11-19 Rehearsal Demos 1 & 2 (instrumental), 3-13-20 Rehearsal Demos 1& 2 (full band)  5 tracks, 22:27

Deeper Dive #4-Live at Silvie's 8-27-2008 AUDIO 

Setlist: I Can't Take You With Me (Debut Performance), MindScan (Complete), To Catch a Predator (45 minutes) 

Deeper Dive #5-Live on Cruise to the Edge 2019 (Centrum Stage) AUDIO AND VIDEO 

Setlist: Snow Country (Incomplete), Sea I Provide, Handlebars, Takeover, Shapeshifter, Who Cares, Read Your Mind, On Paper, Ghost Girl  (56 minutes)

Deeper Dive #6-Live at Columbia College 12-09-2009 (featuring Katinka Kleijn on cello) AUDIO AND VIDEO 

Setlist: Dance of Fury, For the Seven Trumpets (excerpt), I Don't Wanna Wait Another Day, Open Your Eyes, Read Your Mind, MindScan VIII-X (33 minutes)