Inside the Vault Club: A Deeper Dive

Inside the Vault Club: A Deeper Dive

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We're thrilled to now be offering an even fuller behind the scenes experience for IVC members. Here you'll find complete shows and more from our archives for download.

Deeper Dive #1-Live at Double Door, Chicago, IL 12/22/2013 AUDIO and VIDEO

Setlist: Snow Country, On Paper, Learn From Danny, The Man Who Knows Your Name, Read Your Mind, Termites, All's Well That Ends Well, The Thief (72 minutes)

Deeper Dive #2-Live at Spirit of 66 10/5/2019 AUDIO and VIDEO

Setlist: The Actual Color, I Can't Take You With Me, Snow Country, Forest Fire, Sheep, Sea I Provide, Bread & Yarn, Trigger, Shapeshifter, Blueprint, Ghost Girl (76 minutes)

Deeper Dive #3-Divided We Fall Demo Collection

Here's an unprecedented look at our creative process. Listen in as a new song progresses from Tim's initial bass demo to versions with the full band:

Recordings (in WAV and MP3): Solo Bass Demo, 11-11-19 Rehearsal Demos 1 & 2 (instrumental), 3-13-20 Rehearsal Demos 1& 2 (full band)  5 tracks, 22:27

Deeper Dive #4-Live at Silvie's 8-27-2008 AUDIO 

Setlist: I Can't Take You With Me (Debut Performance), MindScan (Complete), To Catch a Predator (45 minutes) 

Deeper Dive #5-Live on Cruise to the Edge 2019 (Centrum Stage) AUDIO AND VIDEO 

Setlist: Snow Country (Incomplete), Sea I Provide, Handlebars, Takeover, Shapeshifter, Who Cares, Read Your Mind, On Paper, Ghost Girl  (56 minutes)

Deeper Dive #6-Live at Columbia College 12-09-2009 (featuring Katinka Kleijn on cello) AUDIO AND VIDEO 

Setlist: Dance of Fury, For the Seven Trumpets (excerpt), I Don't Wanna Wait Another Day, Open Your Eyes, Read Your Mind, MindScan VIII-X (33 minutes) 

Deeper Dive #7-One More Red Night Expanded (Live at Reggie's 10-17-2013, mixed by Mike Pietrini)

Setlist: Open Your Eyes, The Actual Color, On Paper, Handlebars, Who Cares?, Snow Country, MindScan, The Perfect Young Man (Featuring John Wetton) (68 minutes)

Deeper Dive #8-Cruise to the Edge 2019 (Pool Stage 2/6/19)

Setlist: Forest Fire. Snow Country, Blueprint, Sheep, A Lottery, Death By A Thousand Cuts, Bread & Yarn, Trigger, Takeover, Ghost Girl, Shapeshifter (78 minutes)

Deeper Dive #9-John Wetton Tribute Show (Reggie's Music Joint 2/2/17)

Setlist: Red, Fallen Angel, One More Red Nightmare, In the Dead of Night, Easy Money, The Perfect Young Man, Shapeshifter, Forest Fire (World Premiere), Starless, Heat of the Moment (74 Minutes)

Deeper Dive #10-Cruise to the Edge (Studio B 5-3-2022) Full Audio and Video

Setlist: Roie Alvin Intro, Snow Country, Sheep, Many New Things, Mirror, A Lottery, Stay for the Ending, You Oughta Know featuring Mike Portnoy, Ghost Girl, Open Your Eyes (65 Minutes)

Deeper Dive #11-Cruise to the Edge (Pool Stage 5-6-2022) FULL AUDIO AND VIDEO

Setlist: Roie Alvin Intro, Forest Fire, Divided We Fall, Bread & Yarn, The Perfect Young Man, Matte Kudasai, Crossover, Deck is Stacked, Termites (57 Minutes)

Deeper Dive #12-D97 Plays Your Hair is on Fire (8-6-09) Full Audio 

Setlist: American Dream Man, Let Them Go/All the Way, Way Too Much, First Date, I Only Care About You When You're Gone, Alone Tonight, I, Down Day, Lonely Home, Sea I Provide, Open Your Eyes (58 Minutes)

Deeper Dive #13-Bruford-Holdsworth Tribute (10-21-18) Partial Video & Full Hi-Res Audio 

Setlist: Hell's Bells, One of a Kind-Parts One & Two, Travels with Myself-And Someone Else, Fainting in Coils 06 Five G, The Abingdon Chasp, Forever Until Sunday, The Sahara of Snow-Part One & Two (Audio 52 Minutes, Video 39 Minutes)

Deeper Dive #14-Demos for John Wetton (2016/2017)

Setlist: Battle Lines Takes 1&2, Easy Money, Fallen Angel, Heat of the Moment, In the Dead of Night, Lament, Red, Starless (53 Minutes)

Deeper Dive #15-Live at De Boerderij (9-9-2023) FULL AUDIO AND VIDEO

Setlist: Forest Fire, Mirror, X, X-Faded, Deck is Stacked, The Watcher, On Paper (43 Minutes)

Deeper Dive #16-Live in London (9-10-2023) FULL AUDIO AND VIDEO

Setlist: Snow Country, Divided We Fall, Crossover, Mirror, Life Cycle, Deck is Stacked, Forest Fire, Bread & Yarn, X, X-Faded, Stay for the Ending, On Paper (73 Minutes)