Live at Rites of Spring

Live at Rites of Spring


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1. The Man Who Knows Your Name 09:25

2. I Can't Take You With Me 06:21

3. The Actual Color 06:07

4. Termites 06:42

5. The Thief 14:09

6. Presto Vivace (UK) 01:39

7. Back in NYC (Genesis) 06:11

8. I Don't Wanna Wait Another Day 08:00

9. The Perfect Young Man 10:01

10.Back and Forth 09:08

11.Mindscan VIII, IX and X 08:06

This is a live concert recording (no overdubs/editing) of our entire 86-minute set from The Rites of Spring Festival on May 22nd, 2011 in Gettysburg, PA. It is the Official Soundtrack for our DVD of the same name, included as a bonus in the first 2000 copies of our new studio album, Trouble With Machines.


Recorded at The Majestic Theater on May 22nd, 2011.

Engineer: Mike Potter
Mixed by Mike Potter and Jonathan Schang
Thanks to George Roldan, Krista Phillips, Ken Golden, Adele Schmidt, and all our friends, family and supporters