Free Ghost Girl (Live) Download

Submitted by district97 on Sun, 10/25/2020 - 12:16

Free Ghost Girl (Live) Download

Now thru Halloween, get a FREE DOWNLOAD of an unreleased live version of Ghost Girl from De Boerderij in Holland recorded on 10/3/19. You can pay something if you like, but there's no minimum.

Before or after downloading, please:
1. Watch Ghost Girl (Official Short Film) (please like, subscribe, and comment).

2. Share Ghost Girl with your friends/family via social media, email, etc.

Here's an easy post you can copy/paste:

Check out #ghostgirlfilm from @District97 and @Zealouscreative at Your Halloween 2020 isn't complete without it!

We hope the video and free download brighten (er...darken?) your spooky season!